Modular assembly- and test workstation compact.UNI

Modular assembly- and test workstation compact.UNI

The new year is only a few days old, but I would like to start right away with a really exciting topic. I would like to introduce you to our new compact.UNI system today: a modular assembly and testing workstation that combines flexibility and standardization and becomes an important helper in assembly and quality monitoring.

The commercial arguments for compact.UNI first:

compact.UNI assembly and testing workstations can be set up and adapted in a modular manner with maximum standardization. This extends the life cycle of the systems and leads to an optimized return on investment. Standardization and modularity create a high level of flexibility in production, extend the life cycle of the systems and allow us to react quickly and specifically to changing requirements, such as component variants, changes in test requirements, fluctuations in demand, etc.

Thanks to the interchangeable assembly fixtures, several products can be assembled on one system. This ensures that the system can be used at almost 100% capacity and reduces energy costs and expenses for employee training. And finally: Compared to highly specialized special machines, a well thought-out selection of function modules allows us high availability paired with short delivery times.

But what can a compact.UNI system achieve?

The compact.UNI system can be flexibly configured depending on the application. Here is a brief outline of the possibilities:

  • The basis is the standardized base system that houses the control technology, main pneumatics, control cabinet, etc. and offers the interfaces for all function modules.
  • The matching table module ensures the placement of tools, switches and mounting fixtures.
  • If a screwing system is desired, a position control stand or a portal screwing system is available, also in two-sided versions.
  • Assembly fixtures can be designed to be firmly mounted or interchangeable. In the version with automatic contacting, the assembly fixtures can be exchanged within a few seconds (plug-and-produce). Special designed frontend tables for special purposes are also possible.
  • Measuring cells for carrying out measurements and quality monitoring can be supplied in three different widths, each with a camera system or a camera system with integrated height control.
  • The compact.UNI can be equipped with workplace lighting if required.
  • Workplace lighting with integrated cameras is used when coordination and monitoring of error-free assembly is desired. Supplemented by the intelligent visualization on the screen, the system offers worker guidance with augmented reality.
  • Further customization and special solutions are possible on request.

The combination results in a multitude of possibilities and a wide range of possible use cases in all areas of assembly. With the possible equipment with measuring cell, live camera system and worker guidance, the compact.UNI workplace becomes an important pillar of a production that is as error-free as possible and helps to continuously improve the assembly steps towards the goal “null ppm”. An investment in your assembly, which is worthwhile in many ways.

Would you like more information about our compact.UNI system?

All information about the equipment variants is available here on our website. And of course there will soon be a short summary in the form of a small film that once again shows all the advantages of the compact.UNI system. If you don't want to wait that long, you can also contact us directly via We would be happy to explain all the features and advantages and check with you how our compact.UNI fits into your production.