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Nanocontact testing system

Conventional testing of the assembly of nanocontacts (airbag net) using the push-pull method requires a lot of time and personnel, is prone to errors and cannot be documented. We have taken up this challenge and developed a testing system based on camera detection. In doing so, we have achieved the following objectives:

  • Significant reduction of the cycle time, testing a connector with 140 contacts takes approx. 25 seconds (including evaluation).

  • Parallel detection of other defect patterns is possible without any negative influence on the cycle time, e. g. deformation of pin contacts or damage to the contact housing.

  • Tests can be repeated and documented

  • A statistical evaluation of the frequency of different defect patterns is carried out for each specific position and thus enables an evaluation of the pre-processes.

Compact test module vCheck® ConTest

Since 2022 we have also been offering the compact test module vCheck® ConTest, which, in addition to the comprehensive test, also scores with its compact dimensions. More information and details can be found here.


On request, we can offer you our systems with interchangeable mounting fixtures with automatic de-contacting and contacting. This means that mounting fixtures can be exchanged in the shortest possible time in the current production process in the sense of plug-and-produce.

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