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Are you looking for a solution to automate your end-of-line testing, to speed it up or to increase traceability? Then we are the right partner for you.


Do not hesitate to contact us with your task, even if it may not fall within our main business areas, because our range of services goes far beyond the usual scope!


BRAINWARE Solutions offers professional, transparent and fair advice right from the start. In close consultation with you, we assess the feasibility of your project, provide you with honest feedback and, if necessary, show you alternative solutions.

Our customers choose us for our flexibility, creativity and reliability; in addition, our solutions often establish themselves as reference systems.

End-of-Line Tester

Door Systems Automotive

Door Systems - complex mechatronic Assemblies

End-of-Line Tester for Radiator Flaps


Inspection Solutions for the Radiator Flap Production

End-of-Line Tester

Relays Railway Control Technology

Our Solution for Railway
Control Center

End-of-Line Tester

PCB Boards

Quality assurance in the field
of PCB

End-of-Line Tester

Sensor Electronics

Our systems simulate installation situations

End-of-Line Tester

Casting / Cast Parts

Test equipment for cast parts
in series production