Quality inspection of vehicle seats (seating)

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Modern vehicle seats are complex mechatronic systems with a large number of sensors and actuators. We plan your individual test sequence with you and help you with the following tasks:

  • Parameterization and testing of servomotors
    - to personalize the sitting position
    - for massage functions
    - for control of air flow
  • electrical testing of seat heating, seat cooling and seat ventilation
  • Function test of buttons and switches
  • Check of seat occupancy detection
  • Completeness check of the vehicle-specific components
  • Quality inspection of covers and seams
  • Completeness check for textile accessories or finishes such as labels, embroidery, impressions, etc.
  • Documentation of the delivery status

Depending on your needs and customer-specific requirements, we work with inline camera systems, stand-alone devices or fully automatic blind auditing systems with extensive assembly tests.