Assembly stations for High-voltage charging sockets and adapters

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Despite international standards and increasing quantities in the field of e-mobility, there is still a high diversity in the design types of charging sockets. Benefit from our experience in the development and optimisation of flexible cross-platform assembly workstations:

  • Brainware assembly systems consist of a modular base system and interchangeable fixtures tailored to the task.

  • Using the modular construction kit, you can choose between the following features:

  • With or without screw technology?

  • Screw gantry, screw stand or handheld screwdriver?

  • Automatic screw feeding system?

  • Screw separator, with or without removal monitoring?

  • Cable tie tools with monitoring?

  • Contact modules for continuity testing?

  • Hand presses for joining components?*

  • Due to our many years of experience, we are familiar with the special features and specific requirements of common charging socket manufacturers, such as Mennekes, Phoenix Contact, TE Connectivity, Yonggui, Amphenol or Aptiv, and can provide you with competent support in evaluating the assembly instructions and identifying crucial documentation steps.

Rotary indexing table as an exemplary assembly and testing workstation for high-voltage charging sockets (HV charging sockets)

The video can be found externally on Youtube (external link)

*An example of a hand press with built-in quality inspection features can be found here.