Assembly inspection systems for

power distribution / load distribution

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Load distributors pose a challenge in terms of inspection technology due to their individual, end-customer-specific assembly variants and the various error patterns.

Using basic systems that have been optimised over many years, we create your individual solution with the following features:

  • Customer database-controlled testing in batch size 1

  • Object-specific test functions (e. g. colour, labelling, installation direction) for a wide variety of attachments such as fuses, relays, connectors, fuse pullers, etc.

  • Integrated plug-in depth check for correct assembly, both by tactile and visual means

  • High recognition value due to sophisticated operator guidance

  • Plug-and-play operation is possible in many cases

  • In addition to a large number of already integrated solutions, we are also happy to adapt our software to your new requirements at any time.

  • Of course, it is also possible to test several load distributors in one system.