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Assembly Stations / Assembly Tables and Fixtures

When assembling cable harnesses with holders and guides, there are two main aspects to be considered: precise dimensioning of the components among each other and the correct assembly.

Our assembly tables and fixtures ensure high quality!

  • From the individual fixture to complex assembly tables with integrated additional queries, e. g. dimensioning, presence of attachments (clips, connectors, cable ties...), locking queries, taping and others.

  • Expandable to include leak tests and fibre optic tests

  • Reliable function over the model’s entire life due to durable and solid construction

  • All systems are modularly expandable in terms of software and hardware

compact.UNI - modular assembly and testing workstation

Our assembly stations and assembly tables are also available as a modular and compact compact.UNI version. The advantages here: compact.UNI systems can be modularly constructed and adapted with the highest level of standardization. A variety of flexible configurations are available - and that with compact space requirements.


On request, we can offer you our systems with interchangeable mounting fixtures with automatic de-contacting and contacting. This means that mounting fixtures can be exchanged in the shortest possible time in the current production process in the sense of plug-and-produce.