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We are your automation partner when it comes to testing products, objects or components during or at the end of the production process (end-of-line) with regard to mechatronic functionality, resilience as well as optical and haptic correctness with our testing technology.


With our systems, we ensure that, after the quality inspection, the products meet exactly the quality criteria that you and your customers expect from your products (zero ppm). This drastically reduces the error rate, accelerates production and increases production efficiency. For our customers this also means an increase in the rate of your automation.

Exemplary listing of the possibilities of quality tests

Our testing options are independent of the industry. Come to us with your tasks regarding assembly, automation and quality inspection and contact us. We would be happy to advise you on feasibility, possibilities and testing technology and, if you wish, develop a solution proposal for your production. All options can be combined and expanded.

Quality and correct color of surfaces and seams

Color correctness of surfaces

Checking surfaces for color correctness, correct color gradients, etc.

Examination of surfaces

Check whether surface structures or patterns are correct

Check for correct seam

Check, if seams have the correct shape, the correct color and the correct course

Accessories / labels / logos / lettering / embroidery etc.

Check for the presence and / or completeness of accessories, lettering, labels, etc.

Presence of components, correctness, position

Check for the correct position

Check whether objects or components are in the right place

Presence / completeness

Check for the presence and / or completeness of parts, characteristics, shapes, colors, etc.

Correct position and orientation

Check whether objects or components are in the correct alignment / the correct position and the correct position to one another.

Correct variant

Check whether the correct variant of objects or components has been installed.

Correct shape

Check whether a component has the correct shape and dimensions.

Template Matching

Comparison with a pattern stored in the database or a color within defined min-max ranges

Checking cables for correct variant and color

Color correctness of cables

Very demanding check whether the correct cables (with the correct color combination) are at the correct installation or connection point

Height control, depth control and cross section measuring

Height measurement / depth measurement

Measurement and verification of the correct height / correct depth of a component / object.

Checking or determining the correct cross-section

Check whether objects have the correct cross-section or determine the cross-section of installed components

Accuracy of fit, correct locking, etc.

Accuracy of fit

Check whether the fit of the components is guaranteed and a correct fit is given

Gap measuring and check

Checking the specified gap dimensions

Check for complete latching / engagement

Check whether components are correctly locked together.

Checking or determination of the height difference or side difference

Checking whether parts or components are installed within the permissible tolerance values. Determination of the height difference and/or side difference.

Correct mechanical functioning of components

Functional correctness test

Check that components are working correctly

Stress test for mechanical actuation

Check whether components have passed the required number of actuations in a technically and functionally correct manner.

Leak test

Check whether cables or hoses have the required tightness

Correct functioning of interfaces and data buses

Check of data bus functions

Check whether the existing data buses are working correctly

Checking the function of interfaces

Check whether interfaces are working correctly

Correct electronic and electrical functionality of components

Electrical function tests

Check whether components are correctly connected electrically

Measurement of the correct consumption flow

Check whether the consumption current of electrical or electronic components corresponds to the desired level.

Impedance measurement

Check whether built-in loudspeakers have the correct impedance.

Checking the ambient light

Check whether the components of the ambient light are working correctly and in the desired manner.

Other quality checks and examinations

Structure-borne noise measurement

 Determination of structure-borne noise on parts and components

Other quality checks and examinations

Is something missing from the list? Then simply contact us and ask about the possibilities. We would be happy to advise you.


Qualitative correctness of surfaces, accessories and seams in terms of structure, color, etc.
Presence, correctness, location and position etc. of objects
Checking cables for correct variant, color, correct connection, etc.
Height measurement, depth measurement, cross-section determination, cross-section testing
Checking accuracy of fit, gap dimensions, correct latching, etc.
Correct mechanical functioning of components and assembly parts
Correct functioning of interfaces and data buses
Correct electronic and electrical functionality of components
Different topics, different tests, etc. (please complete below)