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Individuelle Komplettsysteme von BRAINWARE Solutions GmbH aus Chemnitz-Röhrsdorf

Our field of work is the creation of individual complete systems for quality assurance using sophisticated industrial image processing as well as individual components and sensors from all areas of measurement technology. We develop and implement the ideal solution for your specific test task in your production environment. Whether integrated sensor applications or fully automatic machines - our assembly- and  test systems help you to achieve the goal of "null ppm" in series production.

Screw Assembly Workstations


Screw Assembly Stations,

Assembly Tables and Fixtures


Ensure Quality with Assembly Tables and Fixtures

Assembly Stations for Charging Sockets and Adapters

Flexible assembly stations in
the high-voltage range

Pre-Assembly Systems /  Pre-Assembly Test Systems

From the first Step to the
perfect Result.

Assembly Inspection Systems Power- /  Load Distributors

Individual Solutions for electrical Distributors

Nanocontact Testing Systems


Inspection System based on Camera Detection

Quality Inspection Vehicle Seats (Seating)

Securing the entire Process


Quality Inspection Covers / Cladding / Panels (Interior)

Tailor-made Solutions and integrated Tests

Quality Inspection Center Console (Interior)

Assembly and inspection of various variants

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End-of-Line Tester

Door Systems Automotive

Door Systems - complex mechatronic Assemblies

End-of-Line Tester for Radiator Flaps


Inspection Solutions for the Radiator Flap Production

End-of-Line Tester

Relays Railway Control Technology

Our Solution for Railway
Control Center

End-of-Line Tester

PCB Boards

Quality assurance in the field
of PCB

End-of-Line Tester

Sensor Electronics

Our systems simulate installation situations

End-of-Line Tester

Casting / Cast Parts

Test equipment for cast parts
in series production