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Our customers and suppliers of well-known manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes & Mercedes-AMG, Volkswagen or Porsche have been relying on our systems for quality assurance in the area of interior & seating for over 10 years.

The focus of end-of-line testing is, among other things, on the variant, assembly and function of components and modules, as well as on the documentation of the delivery condition of the test objects.

By individually adapting our tried and tested base stations to your individual situation and production environment, we jointly save time and development costs. Sophisticated internal data management makes us independent of any specific order management system and enables rapid adaptation to new interfaces.

Although all our systems are based on optical testing, we can also draw on extensive expertise, especially in the field of electrical/electronic systems. This enables us to carry out functional tests of switches, by conventional means or using a data bus connection, control actuators and LEDs via LIN and CAN, test the function of coupling points such as USB and NFC, measure consumption currents or loudspeaker impedances, in short:


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Quality Inspection Vehicle Seats (Seating)

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