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In order to realize your task, Brainware Solutions offers the complete range of services from a single source:

Analysis and feasibility study

  • Analysis of the task
  • Investigation and evaluation of possible solutions in our test laboratory
  • Creation of requirement specifications (task and method), functional specifications (method and means)
  • Individual customer-oriented advice
  • Advice on technical and logistical procedures
  • Advice on project implementation and process requirements
  • Planning, concept and quotation preparation

Project planning and design

  • Development and design
  • Hardware planning and configuration
  • Programming of test and control software as well as customer-specific visualisation
  • Database systems and archiving
  • Documentation according to a machinery directive

Manufacturing and assembly

  • Mechanical production
  • Installation of maschines and systems
  • Control cabinet construction

Delivery and commissioning

  • Delivery
  • On-site assembly, commissioning and production support



  • Competent instruction and training of operating personnel on site

Support and 24-hour service

  • Worldwide service over the complete lifetime of the system
  • System optimisation and expansion
  • Maintenance service and remote maintenance

Research and development

  • Cooperation projects with universities, research institutes and cooperating companies