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compact.UNI - modular assembly and testing workstation


Flexibility and modularity are challenges that manufacturing companies have to face more and more in the medium and long term. Our modular system compact.UNI offers the possibility to react to changing requirements individually, but nevertheless standardized. How can you benefit from it?

  • Thanks to the interchangeable fixtures, several products can be assembled on one system. This ensures that the system operate at full capacity at almost 100% and reduces energy costs and expenses for employee training.
  • The life cycle of the systems is increased, since systems can be quickly reconfigured even when changing models and can therefore be used longer and more flexibly.
  • Compared to highly specialized special machines, a well thought-out selection of function modules allows us high availability coupled with short delivery times.

Standardization and modularity

Standardization and modularity lead to a high level of flexibility in production, extend the life cycle of the systems and allow our customers to react quickly and purposefully to changing requirements (component variants, changes in test requirements, fluctuations in demand, etc.). compact.UNI systems can be modularly constructed and adapted with the highest level of standardization. The life cycle of the systems is extended and thus leads to an optimized return on investment.

Compactness and ergonomics

In addition to the modularity and flexibility, the compact dimensions of the system are also important, as the available space in the assembly hall often plays an important role. With the compact.UNI systems, care was taken to ensure that the space requirement is as small as possible and that all components are arranged ergonomically.

Flexibly configurable

The standardized base system

The basie system of the compact.UNI is the central element of the modular system. Consisting of a stable aluminum frame and a robust protective housing, it offers the interfaces for all function modules. Control technology, main pneumatics, switch cabinet and additional devices are well protected in the basic system. Two access doors ensure quick access in the event of maintenance.

compact.UNI - standardisiertes Basissystem

Figure above: The table module with heights of 80 mm, 120 mm or as a special version ensures the placement of tools, switches and assembly fixtures.

Figure below: The base system of the compact.UNI is the central element.

The measuring cells

The optional measuring cell(s) on our compact.UNI system are closed housings in which measurements and quality checks can be carried out using camera and/or sensor systems based on the defined lighting conditions prevailing there. The results obtained are evaluated by our automation software vCheck® and used for the quality check of the machined or assembled parts.

  • Variant 1 - operation without measuring cell
  • Variant 2 - operation with measuring cell and camera system in three different width versions (500 mm, 700 mm and 900 mm)
  • Variant 3 - operation with measuring cell and camera system in three different width versions (500 mm, 700 mm and 900 mm) and with integrated height control

The screwing systems

Depending on the application, we equip our compact.UNI systems with different screw systems. A whole range of excellently adapted options are available - from the position-monitored screw-on a stand with extensions of different lengths to the flexibly configurable position-monitored screwing portal. This rules out errors during assembly.

  • Variant 1 - version without screw system
  • Variant 2 - version with normal hand screwdriver
  • Variant 3 - version as a position-monitored screwdriving stand
  • Variant 4 - version as a position-monitored screwdriving portal

When using a screw stand, the version with two screw systems (e.g. right and left or both sides) is also possible.


When using a screwing portal, it can be equipped with one, two or more different screwdrivers.

The assembly fixtures

All assembly fixtures are individually adapted to the customer’s task. Frames and contacting modules are standardized for the interchangeable fixtures, allowing interchangeability at any time. By contacting and with integrated sensors, the connection with the control software or with third-party systems takes place. With automatic contacting, an exchange is possible in a few seconds.


The front end of the table module can also be configured as a special construction for individual applications, also with additional test equipment.

A later conversion or upgrade from variant 2 to 3 is possible.

The workplace lightning

Workplace lightning

This extension at the workplace ensures a defined and stable lighting situation and thus creates optimal working conditions for the worker. The illumination of the workplace is uniform and glare-free thanks to large LED panels. Insufficient lighting or disturbing external light influences are a thing of the past.


Integrated live cameras

Live cameras can be used to coordinate and monitor error-free assembly. Supplemented by the intelligent visualization on the screen, the system offers worker guidance with augmented reality.

  • Variant 1 - version without workplace lighting
  • Variant 2 - Version with workplace lighting
  • Variant 3 - Version with workplace lighting and integrated cameras

Individual solutions

Supplementary Components

Brainware Solutions stands for competence in special machine construction! Although the compact.UNI system can be built up in a modular way thanks to the various function modules, it can of course be expanded with additional adjustments or supplementary systems. This can be, for example, automatic screw feeders, manual presses with integrated tests and much more. We would be happy to advise you!

Operation in master or slave mode

Two compact.UNI systems (one master and one slave) can be linked together, so that one system takes control. A later upgrade of the slave system to the master system (e.g. if the production volume needs to be increased) is possible.

Beispiel für zwei compact.UNI Anlagen im Master-Slave-Betrieb

Example of two compact.UNI systems in master-slave operation

Request compact.UNI brochure

You can also find all information in a compact and clear manner in our compact.UNI brochure, which you can request here.

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Table module height 80 mm
Table module height 120 mm
Speicla table module / front desk
w/o measuring cell
Measuring cell 900 mm with cam system
Measuring cell 700 mm with cam system
Measuring cell 500 mm with cam system
Measuring cell 900 mm with cam system. + height control
Measuring cell 700 mm with cam system. + height control
Measuring cell 500 mm with cam system. + height control
w/o worklplace lightning
w/ worklplace lightning
w/ worklplace lightning + cameras
Assembly fixtures permanently installed
Interchangeble fixtures w/ manual contacting
Interchangeble fixtures w/ automatic contacting
Special assembly fixtures / front desk
w/o screwdriving system
w/ hand screwdriver
w/ position-monitored screwdriving stand
w/ position-monitored screwdriving portal
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