End-of-Line EoL Tester for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

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Due to the size of the workpieces to be tested and the often low cycle times, quality assurance in the area of printed circuit boards places high demands on the testing technology.

There are many different quality characteristics.

Our services include functional tests, such as paired or simultaneous multi-contact continuity tests or activation of functional components, or in-circuit tests, such as the determination of a wide range of conductor path characteristics. In addition, optical tasks such as measuring contact widths and SMT or THT solder menisci can be realised. Of course, visual and electronic inspections can also be combined in many cases.

Our solution will be tailored to your requirements and your process, for example as an inline system, as a stand-alone system or as a rotary indexing table.

As an independent software developer, our strength lies particularly in the creation of individual user programs. We also offer interfaces to common laboratory environments such as LabVIEW or DASYLab.