Hand presses with integrated quality inspection checks

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Hand Presses with integrated Quality Inspection Checks

Hand Presses

Our semi-automatic hand presses for component assembly contain a lot of features that can improve production processes and ensure the high quality of your products.


In addition to the actual press, the system accommodates a large number of sensors, depending on your application, which carry out an integrated quality inspection check during the pressing process. All sensory, haptic, electrical, electronic or other test methods can be integrated depending on your needs.


Fixtures / Workpiece Holders

There are also no limits to flexibility when it comes to workpiece holders. Even if you want to process not just one, but several workpieces in one workplace, this is no problem. Depending on the application, the hand press can be equipped or expanded with one or more fixtures / workpiece holders that are controlled manually, semi-automatically or completely automatically. The fixtures / workpiece holders are standardized and can therefore be easily exchanged (even between different workplaces).



The further processing of sensory data for evaluation and the connection to your databases or your operational software is also possible. And of course the hand press can be operated stand-alone as well as part of a machine or an entire production line.


Application example

Information on how our hand presses are used in component pre-assembly, for example in the pre-assembly of busbars, can be found here. But our modular compact.UNI assembly and testing workstation can also be equipped with such quality-controlled hand presses.


Exemplary applications

Also available as automatic-contacting plug-and-produce fixture

Also available as automatic-contacting plug-and-produce fixture

On request, our presses can also be supplied as an exchangeable plug-and-produce fixture holder with automatic decontacting and contacting. This means that the presses can be used or exchanged in the running production process in the shortest possible time in the sense of plug-and-produce.


More information about the technical and commercial advantages of plug-and-produce fixture holders can be found under this link.