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Intelligent Industrial Camera vCheck® Cam

Intelligente industrielle Kamera vCheck® Cam

The intelligent camera vCheck® Cam combines the compact dimensions of an industrial camera with the intelligence of the image processing and automation software vCheck® from Brainware Solutions GmbH.


Complex tests of assembly steps can be carried out directly at the assembly workstation. Management is simple and straightforward via the network using the vCheck Manager software user interface. A large number of interfaces make it possible to integrate the intelligent camera into existing networks.

Application areas

  • Quality checks directly at the assembly workstation to identify and avoid incorrect assemblies early on in the value chain
  • Supplementary quality checks to the end-of-line test
  • Use at manual workstations
  • Tests in the line before or after function modules


  • Compact dimensions and small footprint
  • Robust, industrial-grade aluminum housing
  • Proven vCheck® image analysis integrated with the vCheck® Smart software with analysis functions Analyze_Basic and Analyze_Assembly
  • Simple and easy to administer via the vCheck® Manager
  • Fast uncomplicated installation and administration
  • Easy integration into existing line controls or shop floor networks
  • Expandable with I/O modules, various lighting or output screen
  • CMOS image sensors


vCheck® Cam Interfaces


  • 1.58 megapixels with a resolution of 1,456 x 1,088 pixels
  • 5 megapixels with a resolution of 2,592 x 1,944 pixels
  • 12.2 megapixels with a resolution of 4,024 x 3,036 pixels
  • 20 megapixels with a resolution of 5,544 x 3,694 pixels

User interface vCheck® Manager

The tidy and clear user interface of the vCheck® Manager is used for the simple and uncomplicated management of the functions of the vCheck® Cam, vCheck® Cam AI and vCheck® Cam Multi. Access is via the existing network and can be accessed by any location / PC / workplace. The vCheck® Manager can ...

  • Back up images and data from the camera
  • Retrieve parameters from the camera or send them to the camera
  • Run software updates
  • Execute parameterization programs (Analyse_Basic and Analyse_Assembly)
  • Start or turn off the camera

Due to the current delivery situation, vCheck® Cam is available from the end of III. Quarter 2022, but can be pre-ordered now.

The data and illustrations given correspond to the state of development. Changes to the design or the technical equipment can be made without notice. Subject to errors and changes. vCheck® is a registered trademark of Brainware Solutions GmbH.