vCheck® ConTest - test module for safety-sensitive Nano connectors

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vCheck® ConTest - test module for safety-sensitive nano connectors

vCheck® ConTest - Prüfmodul für sicherheitssensible Steckverbinder

With the vCheck® ConTest test module, safety-sensitive connectors (e.g. airbag plugs) can also be checked in the mini or nano range without contact for faultless pins and latches. The vCheck® ConTest test module replaces the conventional, error-prone manual push-pull test method.


Transparent and documentable test results ensure traceable product safety, especially where there are high quality requirements and the protection of health and integrity.


In addition, the non-contact inspection is more efficient in the production process. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the vCheck® ConTest test module can be used flexibly and universally as a stand-alone solution or as an integral part of an assembly and test workstation.

Application areas

  • Testing of safety-relevant plug connections
  • Use as a stand-alone solution, integrated in an assembly and test workstation or an electrical test bench


  • Contactless testing of connectors in the mini or nano range
  • Transparent traceability and documentation option for the test results
  • Open interfaces for connection to third-party systems
  • Testing is faster and less complicated than with conventional testing methods (e.g. push-pull method)
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions (approx. 30 x 20 x 32 cm), it can be integrated in a variety of ways

That can be checked

A wide range of micro or nanopin connector modules can be tested with the vCheck® ConTest test module, depending on the application. Please ask for the details.

  • Check for possible errors due to bending or crushing of the nano sockets to accommodate the pins
  • Check for correct locking or latching
  • Check for completeness
  • Check for correct position and alignment
  • Check for correctness of the pin receptacles (cavity)
  • Check for correct number of pin receptacles or overcrowding

How the test is carried out

The test is carried out fully automatically after scanning the cable set to be tested (database retrieval) and plugging the connector to be tested into the vCheck® ConTest test module. The result (OK or NOK) is visualized and logged. An error-prone manual test is no longer necessary. The test result can be forwarded to third-party systems (system control, software etc.) via freely definable software interfaces.

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The data and illustrations given correspond to the current state of development. Changes to the design or the technical equipment can be made without notice. Errors excepted. vCheck® is a registered trademark of Brainware Solutions GmbH