The next generation of modern automated assembly and end-of-line test equipment

A system that can do a lot at the same time - the new generation of automated assembly and end-of-line test systems for cable harness production and testing. Interesting: assembly and end-of-line test steps for both the cable harness and the housing covers take place in the same time. This ensures a more than significant increase in production efficiency with the lowest error rate.

During the assembly itself (here with screwing work steps), an integrated test ensures that only the right screws are screwed in exactly the right place in the right way. This precision is extremely important, especially in highly sensitive security-relevant areas.

In the background, a combination of, for example, intelligent image processing and tactile tests, ensures in a few seconds that all assembly steps have been carried out completely and correctly.

The best thing about it: We see a unit from the automotive sector for cable harness testing, but other branches of industry with different end-of-line requirements can be implemented just as well with it. Just contact us.

You can find a short video on this on YouTube.