Brainware SOlutions GmbH - A mastered challenge

A mastered challenge

This time it should be less about the technical details of a machine and more about service and performance at the really highest level.

The task for us was very challenging: one of our well-known customers produces door modules for the automotive industry. The systems that had previously been in use had now reached their capacity limits. So something new had to be installed. However, a completely new system was not possible due to the limited space in production. Therefore, we set ourselves the task together with the customer, and during the two summer weeks of non-production time, dismantled the existing system, brought it to us, completely rebuilt it and started it up again on site in time for the start of production - a logistical and planning masterpiece. A short animation can be found under this external Youtube link.

The finesse here: instead of the previous single-track assembly (i.e. only on one station on the right or left), parallel operation is now possible - i.e. simultaneous assembly on both stations on the left and right. For the customer, this means a whopping 50% increase in capacity and all of this in a changeover time of just two weeks.

We are proud of this and show that we are able to successfully master such highly complex and challenging projects.