Deliveries shortly before Christmas

Only a few days left until Christmas. But here at Brainware, we have work to do first. So these great machines have to be on their way here this week so that they can start their production tasks in good time.

Almost simultaneously with the North Polar Express, these five assembly and testing workstations for the cable harness industry (or wire harness industry) leave our factory. All the machines are still very close together and are waiting to be packed, but they will soon be doing their work in very different countries on different continents.

And maybe interesting too. This system is, so to speak, a long-running warhorse, because after the first delivery some time ago, machines of this type have been repeatedly requested by the customer. That speaks for our quality.

And if you want to know more about it: We have already given you a short video clip some month  ago of how the machines work and how they work inside. You can find it here (external link to YouTube).