Innovative end-of-line quality test equipment - in the example for automotive interior door covers

The requirements of our customer were demanding: with the shortest possible cycle times and with the least possible manual effort for the workers, fully automated tests of door covers for cars should be carried out - in short: it had to be fast, smart and efficient.

The result is innovative end-of-line quality testers, which are located at the end of the production line and classify around fifty different quality features of the finished product (here the door cover) as "OK" or "NOK". A powerful drive with an acceleration of up to 7 m/s², an efficient hardware and software architecture with our image processing and automation software vCheck® and a well thought-out operating concept ensure extremely short cycle times.

The worker himself only has to carry out a few steps to insert the part to be tested. The test starts fully automatically when the worker leave the safety area. In the background, a multi-level safety architecture (light grid and ground lidar) ensures maximum worker safety. We would like to thank the company Pilz GmbH & Co. KG for their support.

At the end, the worker receives a quick and clear visualization of the test results via a touch display.

You can see how all this works in practice in our short film (external link to Youtube). So take a quick look inside and at the machine and see how easy and convenient it is to operate.

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