Plug-and-Produce - Interchangeable assembly mounting fixtures bring flexibility to the assembly

Plug-and-Produce - interchangeable assembly mounting fixtures bring flexibility to the assembly

Today I would like to draw your attention to the topic of flexibility and modularity in assembly. Both are topics that don't sound very exciting at first, but ultimately belong to the must-do programs of manufacturing companies. Our approach here: interchangeable mounting assembly fixtures that independently de- and contact, thus enabling a production change within a very short time and are therefore a good way to increase flexibility in assembly. You can also find all information about this HERE.

And these are the thoughts behind it:

Especially in the SME manufacturing industry, we still often come across systems that are usually designed for a special product and a certain production volume - so they don't exactly serve as a model for flexibility. If demand changes or if production-specific requirements change (e.g. due to redesigns of end products, etc.), such systems quickly reach their limits.

And all the more so because the markets are currently subject to strong fluctuations and the development of global demand is difficult to assess. Requested production quantities fluctuate in the short term from under-demand to over-maximum capacity. This is made more difficult by the fact that product life cycles are becoming ever shorter. The supply industry in particular is affected, as it has to react to constantly changing call-off quantities at extremely short notice. Exchangeable assembly mounting fixtures with automatic contact bring a significant relief here in the sense of plug-and-produce.


Two examples should clarify this:

Example 1 – The switch between two products in the event of changed call-off quantities etc. can be implemented extremely quickly – for example between day and night shifts, but also with a few simple steps during production if necessary

Example 2 – If mounting requirements change completely, only the mounting fixture needs to be readjusted. The machine itself does not need to be replaced.


The technical advantages in the production process are…

  • The production process can be switched to another product without delay.
  • If the database calls for a change, the previous assembly recordings are automatically de-contacted.
  • In the shortest possible time (plug-and-produce), the mounting fixture can then be exchanged in just a few simple steps.
  • Contacting and calling up the worker assistance, the production parameters, etc. for the new product takes place fully automatically via the software.
  • Incorrect contacting is avoided by built-in sensors.

And this results in the commercial advantages:

  • A timely adjustment to market fluctuations is possible, since changes in lot sizes can be reacted to quickly and flexibly.
  • There is an increase in the product life cycle, since systems equipped in this way can be quickly reconfigured even if the customer changes models.
  • Keyword future security: systems can be used longer and more flexibly.
  • The training time for new employees is reduced enormously, since no advanced skills are required for the configuration.


Plug-and-produce: interchangeable assembly mounts with automatic contacting can be a very important means of regaining the necessary flexibility in assembly. And that combined with the corresponding comfort – automatic contacting, automatic change of worker guidance, etc. included. Sounds interesting? Then you will find a few more details here and the options for contacting or requesting further information.


P.S.: A short clip with the interchangeable mounting brackets in action will be available soon. So stay tuned!